Sample Strengths and Weaknesses of an Employee

Working space is tough. There is endless competition you will have to involve in. It is important to prepare yourself by strengthening your skills and improving the knowledge mastery. Besides that, you also need to comprehend the employer wants from the employees. You surely never want to be kicked off form the convenient office space immediately and be replaced by your rival, right? That is why you have to consider several things including the strengths and weaknesses required from an employee. By knowing those things, you will be more prepared to answer the questions at interview section.

The interview has an essential role to determine whether a person or you in this case, can be the prospective candidate for the company. The questions about strengths and weaknesses are usually tricky and make applicants fail this session. You have to be able to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Being honest is important, because the employers or interviewers usually have already got the vision about dishonest answers. Therefore, you have to be wise. The careful answering can save you for the chance to get filled. It should be the best way to show what you can have to offer to the company and why they must choose you among of other applicants. For the questions about strengths, you can do the following tips.

Strengths and Weaknesses of an Employee

    • Access your skills and identify the strengths. It is necessary to practice this before meeting the interviewer. Do not be hesitated to make a list. You can highlight your knowledge-based skills including education and experience. Take for example computer skills, degrees, technical abilities and so on. It is also worth to tell about your transferable skills. It is portable strengths to apply jobs that require good communication and people skills, analytical problem solving and planning skills. Personal traits that are unique like flexible, friendly, hard working, formal, expressive and etc. can improve your strengths too.
    • Be much an answer to the weaknesses. You probably want to let the interviewers know that there is nothing to lose if they put you in their company. However, it is a fact that nobody is perfect. If you tell the employers that you do not have any weakness, they won’t give you a call for the next meeting or approval. The safest way to keep you on the competition track is handling the question. It is needed to minimize the trait and emphasize the positive. Use the chance to give more focus on professional traits instead of personal qualities.
    • Script the answer that is a positive statement about you. It can cover the strengths you have confidence. There is no need to feel afraid to convey that you are imperfect and have weaknesses because nobody has the absolute perfection.

To be honest is the most essential key in answering the questions at interview session. You can’t miss this stage because it plays much more rules than your application. The interviewers want to know and meet you in person. You need to remember that the company is not looking for someone perfect. They just need a fit candidate for every offered job by knowing the strengths and weaknesses owned by each applicant.

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