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logo-searsA corporation named Sears grew from the business of mail-order catalog, which was firstly started in 1888 under the name of Sears, Roebuck and Co. At that time, the corporate founder, Richard Sears, developed a catalogue to sell merchandise and equipment to farmers. This catalogue means as a tool to compete with high-priced items and equipment available in many local general stores. The business itself boasted an impressive catalogue in 1984. At that time, there are 322 pages of catalogue offered an array of numerous items, including automobiles, sporting goods, bicycles, and sewing machines. The first Sears retail opened in Chicago in 1925. Nowadays, sears operate over 1,000 locations around the globe. In the United States, Mexico, and Canada, there are 2,200 retail locations in total, all of which has been operated under Sears Holding Corporation. In 2005, Kmart purchased Sears, which then generates revenue up to $22 billion. Sears itself offers a wide collection of products, including fashion accessories (for children, women, and men), footwear, and clothing. There are also several additional products sold by the corporation, including home entertainment merchandise, electronics, tools, home appliances, linens, and bedding. Sears Holdings Corporation also owns a variety of department, and they were including Sears Grand Hypermarket, Sears Hardware Stores, Sears Appliance & Hardware, Sears Hometown Stores, and Sears Optical.

With plenty of departments holding by Sears, people can surely find some opportunities to establish a stable career at there. As one of the major companies in North America, Sears eventually needs to hire hundreds of workers to the current workforce. In general, Sears offers both smaller entry-level positions and advanced career opportunities. At which point, plenty of job titles available at Sears were including stock associate, cashier, and service representative positions. At the same time, workers can also find specialized employment throughout several departments, such as electronics, automotive, and hardware. Here are a few department store jobs available at Sears:

  • Sales Associates. This represents several entry level positions, which were including a few jobs as stock workers, sales, and cashier. The duties include stocking product, assisting customers, and operating registers.
  • Cashier. This position requires a worker to take responsibilities on responding to suggestions, complaints, questions, as well as answering telephones and serving customer purchases. Cashiers also receive ideas from store patrons.
  • Management. This position is related tightly with various managerial jobs, including loss prevention manager, shift leader, department supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Managers also have duties to oversee daily operations, train associates, schedule employees, and hire new workers.
  • Sears may also need to hire workers to staff HVAC worker, beauty advisor, automotive technician, and several other job titles. At the same time, the company may need workers to fill several other positions, such as office associate jobs and administrative assistant.

Up until this point, you may wonder: how to apply any position available at SEARS? Well, SEARS would not provide any job application that can be downloaded and printed. So basically, you had better applying for any job online, by way visiting Sears’ website and then head your way towards “careers” section. Follow the entire instruction available in there.

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Print Out Sears Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Sears Job Application Form in PDF


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