Security Guard Resume Sample

Writing for excellent security guard resume is all you need to gain security job in a security guard company that services private homes securities and companies. The security guard resume are need for people who have right skills, have god and enough experience in security, and the last is they have good training and licensed.

When you write your resume, ensure that you are writing right skills and only focus n the qualification that the company list. Write for any training that you have been follow in the past, and the last is your job experience that you hold in recently and in past. When you write your resume, do not forget to write your skills and detail information as specific as you can do. With that specific writing on your guard resume, the hiring manager would like to see the match between your experience and training that you have been write and for the list requirement that the job are needed. You can mention that when you hired with the company, the company can save more with your effective skills and breaking ice for any problem. Here are examples for security guard resumes that you can follow with the resumes samples that make you hire position list.

First, write your name and address.

Downey Petterson
68753 Wilhelm street
North river, GA 9999

Then write your call number and email that will make you able to contact with them if you are match with their requirement. Write your home number, email and mobile phone number.

Home: ( 444) 55544-6725
Cell: (444) 682561796

after that, write your professional summary that list your experience in the past and say that you are looking for new job as security guard. Write your skills and job list that you are able to do. That related with the security guard.

Career experience and accomplishment relation

The security guard that experienced and have licensed is looking for new security guard position. Able to attend any challenge in work place, stand for period times that scheduled, reporting suspicious activities, and protect building, animal and people.

Career experience and related accomplishment

Regency residence (2011-2014) does security activities such as

Stand for security post, watched for security cam in residence, report for management security and upgrade for the secure in the residence.

And the last point, you write about your education and development, and the recognition that you get from your training and education.

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