SEO Cover Letter Sample

Take a look for these following tips about cover letter writing for SEO position.

Points the letter to the person who is in charge
Discover the hiring manager name and address to him or her will make the letter more personalized and provide as much personalization as possible.

Outline the reason why you are proper candidate
Skills you have will not be read carefully when it has no relation with job demands. List down the relation between your competencies that relates to the job description clearly

Provide magnets of the job
Any accomplishment you have earned for what you have done when it is relevant will prove your value and make the employer consider how worth you are. Any achievement and award must be enclosed so the hirer will notice and consider that you are suitable.

Take a look for the guidelines below:

H. Curtis
412 Wesley Square • SF, California 560xx • (00x) 333 – 22xx • hcurtis(at)email(dot)com

Feb 8, 2015

Mr. G. Mitchell
HRD Manager
560 Denver Boulevard
SF, California

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

Do you need detail oriented, result-controlled and experienced SEO Builder to handle your website visibility in SERPs? If so, my resume is enclosed for your necessity.

Through my intensive experience SEO field, I progressively developed great grasp over handling SEO campaigns, researching keywords and employs analytics tools to elevate the websites’ rankings in SERPs. Of equal essences is my social network campaigns management and inbound linking abilities. To add on technical expertise, your job demand requires the significance of keeping the latest with consistently changing technological and SE trends. These are the very skills I have been complimented by many employers previously. Being an expert in supervising and measuring of various rating factors and algorithms, I have always enabled to keep my directed content suitable to current SEO prerequisites.

Based on my knowledge in SEO and SEM, I am confident I can contribute to your company’s mission in field of a SEO Specialist and capable to help your firm in reducing huge external SEO consultancy prices.

I have attached my resume for your consideration and expect to have an in person meeting. I will contact you on Wednesday to arrange an interview. If you have any questions about my competencies, please feel free to contact me anytime at (00x) 222- 33xx.

I would like to show my gratitude for your time and consideration.


H. Curtis

Enclosed. Resume

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