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Bring back vintage shades in concepts; Sonic Drive-in delivers the ambiance of 50s and 60s diners popular in the era. Customers can order by speaker systems after take a look at menu board curbside. Carhop’s teams will deliver the orders to the vehicle where the customers are waiting at the provided parking areas. Fun and industrious atmosphere with enjoyable environment can be the place to start up professional career or develop the owned one.

Working at SDI

Minimum age: 16 years old

Hours of Operation: Open daily 24/7

Available positions: Entry level positions, regular staffs, carhop team members, supervisor and managerial positions

Job Vacancy

First time workers or lack of experience job seekers are eligible to apply the starter career positions such as team staffs or carhops. For professional with experience and career-oriented, management and administrative field are also available. Besides, those with culinary knowledge or background in similar industry also have chance.

Entry level jobs requires at least 16 years old applicant whereas for managerial jobs needs minimum 18 years old applicant with additional requirements.

Job Titles and Salary Information

Carhop starts out with minimum salary scale and perform the entry level duties. The duties are order taking and serving to the customers using roller skates. Strong stamina, energetic, coordination and endurance are valuable.

Team staffs must do food assembling based on the orders, restocking supplies, operating cash registers. Minimum wages can increase up to $8.00 an hour. For cooks, the wage can make up to $9.00 or $10.00 assessed by experience and tenure.

Management offers careers in more comprehensive role. Some positions related to this field are such as manager, manager associate and staff leader. All duties about supervision, administration, operation and scheduling including human resources will relate to the management role. Associate manager deserves $30,000 annually and general manager can surpass $50,000 a year. Staff leader earns similar rates with team staffs.

Employment Benefits

Basic job benefits are provided generously for the workers such as comparable pay scale, compensated scholar. For management is prior to receive more employment benefits such as retirement plans, insurance and coverage for medical, financial and life plan.

More Info about SDI

Annually, the restaurant awards exceptional performance of carhops by conduction championship of Skate-Off. The winner will continue the competition for regional prize with rewards of awards or cash. Under the network ownership in various banners, the company maintains more than 3.500 locations.

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