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The wide range of jobs that exist in Sport Chek offers are in nation range. For those who have the interest of working in retail jobs must try to search online for Sport Chek application. There are full-time and part-time jobs career in Sport Chek.


Like other retail jobs, Sport Chek offers positions like cashier, sales associate, receiver, and visual merchandiser. But there are several differences between Sport Chek and other retail job opportunities. The cashier jobs still in the terms of working with cash handling, payments from the customers. But the different is that Sport Chek looks for employees that have sporty and energetic appearance beside their math skill. The payment for cashier is around between minimum payments to $12.00 an hour. The sales associate has the duties to assist the customers when they are in their shopping activities. Since Sport Chek is inside the sport industry, then the sales associate must have high level of sport knowledge. They are also must have high level of caring the customer. The payment for this position is around the minimum payment until $13.00 per hour. The receiver or shipper holds the inventory duties in Sport Chek. Some duties like load and unload the delivery, checking the shipment, and taking care the area in back stocks. This job requires a high level of computer skills, school education, and the most important thing is to be able to lift weight over 50 pounds. This works earn $12.00 and $15.00 an hour. Meanwhile the visual merchandiser has the duties to keep the display of the merchandise in the proper way. Some additional duties like set up some promotion of the store and updating the signage of the store. Some assistance in pricing and all process of unpacking and stocking products are also the duties of visual merchandiser. The average payment for this position is about $13.00 per hour.


The generous payment in hour is the most beneficial offers of Sport Chek. The other benefit of yearly salary option also one of the great thing about it. The requirements for full-time employees are not hard to get. The benefit of finance also provided for the employee such as retirement plans, reward for service, and of course the annual bonus. The other special offers are the medical plans, dental plans, and also vision plans. They also cover life insurance plan for the employee. The flexible scheduling, a lot of developmental training, and discount of merchandise for the employee also some beneficial offers of Sport Chek.

Minimum age to work at Sport Chek: 14

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