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logo-stageA retailer chain with more than 300 stores in many states of United States continuously hires workers with at least 16 years of age to do the beginner duties. Today, manage about seventy thousand employees that support the daily store operation.

Working at Shopko

Minimum age: 16 years

Hours of Operation: Mon to Fri 8a-10 p; 8a-10p on Sat; 8a-9p on Sun

Available Candidacy: associate, managerial and supervisory staff

Career Opportunities

Associate staffs will perform entry-level tasks in daily basis such as operating cash register, restocking products, and maintain cleanness of work station. The previous retail background is not required but will be preferable when own it. Managerial positions such as supervisor or manager must have ability of leadership, minimum education degree of bachelor and has previous background in the retail chain.

Occupations and Salary Information

Team member has duties as what assigned by the department manager. Basically the tasks will be about cash register running, handle customers inquiries and promoting new products. Mostly must employ the customer care skills and suggestive selling ability. Start with minimum rates and increase up to $9.00 hourly.

Customer service agents perform more administrative tasks than the team member. Cashier is one of the positions under this field besides the customer support desk. Hourly wages to earn ranges at $9.00 to $10.00.

Management branches out to some titles such as supervisor, associate manager and store manager. Supervisor works in shift to earn $10.00 to $13.00 with task to coordinate jobs, delegate task to staffs and receive instruction from division manager. Associate manager helps manager in performing administrative duties related to the store operation. This title can make $30.000 up to $50.000 annually. Store manager responsible to all things related to the running of store and can make annual pay over $80.000.

Employment Benefits

Both part time and full time workers can enjoy the working benefits offered by Shopko. In general all workforce will be paid in pay rates that is competitive, enjoy staff discount and scheduling preferences. Part time can be eligible to receive the benefits depend on the meeting requirements. Full timers are rewarded with life and health insurance, sign-off financial plans, reimbursement, and waged time off.

More Info about the Retail Chain

Just developed new store chain names Shopko Hometown and prove the positive progress of this retail. Capture the segments of smaller environments with about 5,000 of population; the new chain added the in-house pharmacies and other medical fields such as optics.

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