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starbucksAre you passionate about coffee? Working at Starbucks may be exciting. With more than 16,000 stores, there are of course a lot of jobs that you can apply. Starbucks Coffee Company, as a leading company which serves the highest quality coffee in the world, offers great jobs with career diversity and career advancement. There are two ways to submit your application. You can access the website, look for job openings, select the job you desire, and apply online. For retail positions, you should download the Starbucks job application form PDF and submit it to the nearest stone. The application form contains several points as follow.

Personal Information and employment desired

The first part of the application form is personal information. In this part, you are required to write down your name properly. Start by writing your last name followed by first and middle name. Your addresses both permanent and current address should also be written. Write the address completely including the street, city, state/province, and postal code. In order to apply for Starbucks job, you need to have social insurance number as well. In addition there are some yes-no questions regarding your age, eligibility for employment in the US (for US applicant only), and conviction. If you have ever been convicted to a crime, just list the conviction honestly. Bear in mind that a conviction will not automatically disqualify your application. The next part is employment desired. In this part you have to fill out in what position you are interested to work, as well as the location, salary desired, and the date where you can start. For a retail hour positions, you should also write your available working time for each day in a week. In addition, you are required to answer a question whether you are able to work overtime and whether you have ever worked in this company before.

Education and former employers

List your formal education from high school to post college (If you are post-grad students). If your last education is high school, leave other columns blank. The name and address of schools are required to be written. In the third column of the table there are four numbers (1-4). You have to circle how long you accomplish school program. If you finished high schools in 3 years, circle 3. Also, write specific subject that you studied in the last column. For an office or administrative positions, list your computer proficiency. Information on how many words you can type in a minute should be filled. In addition, there are some assessments related about the company that you should answer briefly but clearly. In the next part, you have to list your former employers. Write down your previous jobs including the position, company name and address, salary, and reason for resignation.


In order to validity your application you must give three names of professional references including their phone number and address. The people must be the ones that know you very well. Before you submit the application, reread once more and do not forget to sign it. Reference:

Click here to apply online at Starbucks careers area.

Starbucks Job Application Form Print Out in PDF

Starbucks Job Application Form PDF

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