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You who are looking for job in Canada can find some career opportunities from some places. You must be smart in choosing best place to work because when you work in wrong place you will get nothing. You must be able to work at the place that will give you new knowledge, new experience and of course better salary too. If you need best place to work, you better apply one of some jobs that offered by Stedmans V&S. Stedmans V&S is stationary department store that offers so many products. Today this store grows so fast and it makes this store has more than 700 stores across Canada. That is why this store needs lots of workers to help and handle all things at store in each of areas. This department store also offers you great career opportunity and you must read information below before you apply the job.

What to Get from Stedmans V&S Store?

Most people who want to apply job must know too what they will get when they apply the job. All workers at Stedmans V&S store will be able to get some facilities such as life and health insurance, financial assistance plan, vacation, bonuses, and also competitive salary. You can develop you knowledge too when you apply as worker at Stedmans V&S store because this store also offers you training opportunity and some other learning programs. You can apply job in very easy way via online of offline. Now, before you apply the job, you can check position available for you and check about requirements too.

Job Position Available and Job Desk

Stedmans V&S invites all best candidates to fulfill some positions below:

Store Association. This position is one of strategic positions that you can choose.

Requirements: You must have good interpersonal skill, flexible schedule, good interaction skill with customer, know how to answer all questions about services, policies and also store information.

Job Desk: handle customers and work 15 up to 30 hours.

Salary: $11.00 per hour.

Manager at Stedmans V&S Store. This position is opened for experienced applicants.

Requirements: have industry experience, at least 18 years old, high school diploma education background, and some other things.

Job desk: manage all things at the store and you can apply as assistant store manager, supervisor, and store manager too.

Salary: you will be paid for this position start from $12.00 per hour.

If you are interested with opportunities that offered by Stedmans V&S store, you can directly send your resume via online or offline now. You will be contacted if you fulfill the requirements offered to you above.

Minimum age to work at Stedmans V&S: 14

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