Stock vs. Store Department Jobs

Stockers: one of store department jobs

Some people perhaps do not know the difference between stock and store department jobs. They think that these two job areas are the same. In fact, they are different. Stockers are only a part of store department jobs. There are many positions in a store department and one of them is stockers. If you want to pursuer career in a retail sector, you must be familiar with the positions in the sector including their job description, working hours, qualification, and salary. By having adequate knowledge about some store department jobs, you will know what particular position that fits your skills, personalities, and interest. Before we discuss all positions that may be available in a store department, let’s focus on retail stockers so you will have a clear understanding about Stock vs. Store department job.

Retail Stockers job description

There can be many ways to call this position. This position can be found in many sectors such as clothing, book, grocery, toys, and of course department stores. Some people may call retails stockers as stock clerks. Their main duty is to receive and manage inventory for stores in warehouse or stockrooms. When goods are delivered to the department store, stock clerks receive and store them in the stockrooms. They list and sort the items based on which ones will be put for the future sale first. They also examine all items whether they come in good condition or not. They will be the one who is responsible for anything that may happen to new merchandise. If they find damaged items, they should return them to the supplier. Before the items are put in the market for sale, stock clerks mark them with codes and price tags. As they are one who knows well about the availability of items in the stockroom, they are also in charge for helping supervisor to reorder merchandise.

This position belongs to entry level and it requires a high school diploma. In smaller department stores, sometimes no education requirements are needed. Because of this, students and teenagers can apply for this job. Moreover, some department stores open this position for part time workers. It means students can work without leaving their school. Most department stores give on-the-job training. In big retailers, this training may last for one full month before new stock clerks sign the contract and begin to work. Their senior co-workers will guide them to learn skills needed to perform their tasks later on.

Types of job in department store

As explained above, stock clerks are only one position in store department. This department has many other positions such as store manager, customer service, cashier, and sales people. The highest position is the store manager. This position is responsible to manage all aspects in the stores. Customer service position responds to questions and complaints from the customers. They are also in charge in handling exchanges and returns. Meanwhile, cashiers work with the cashier machine to count the purchase, accept the payment, give change, collect the bought items in a bag and give it to the buyers.

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