Student Resume Sample

Today, many students are looking for part-time job while going to study. You will take a move ahead of other part-time job seekers by enlarging the opportunity to get hired if the resume you write is crafted as well as possible with concisely clear and explain but still get straightforward point.

PROBLEM: If there are three styles of resume, which one will opt out in order the employer will consider you to get hired?

  1. Chronological style resume

  2. Functional style resume

  3. Active style resume

CLUE: Nine from ten job seekers choose the wrong style of resume. In fact, when you use correct resume style, the greater chance to get hired is very feasible and you are also likely to beat out others applicants that may have higher experience than you.

Below is displayed the sample of resume to use for students who are looking for part time job and how the qualifications provided in the resume can match to what the employer hopes and desires. Bear in mind that whatever the position you are applying for, it is imperative that you refer why and how you must be chosen to fill the position. Use the resume for student job seeker as the clue, below.

Ryan J

9980 Parker Av

New City, oh 999XX

Home: (3xx) 333-3xxx

Cell: (3xx) 123-xxxx

Qualification Summary

As the student of high school, eight years experience in Club of 4-H is possessed, oversaw and took care of topnotch farm animals recently seeking for part time activity on local farm monitoring wide variety breeds from any range of stock age from young to adults.

Pertinent Achievements

  • As volunteer in University of Tufts, 4-H Study of Positive Juvenile Progress

  • Supported and involved farm animals in County Fair of Sunset and achieved Gold Ribbon award in 2010

  • Educated classes for 8 to 10 year students on the impact of life empowering possessing to club of 4-H and how they could get involved

Education and Progress

High School of Any City, USA from 2011 to present

Figure out to attend Any City College in Agricultural Major in 2015


America’s Club of 4-H: Topnotch Member of the Year in 2008

The competition and rivalry among part time job seekers are tight because of the crowds. Correct choice in resume style to write will enlarge the chance of getting offers as well as lead to more interview calling.

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