Substitute Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

The cover letter of the substitute teacher is known as the single page document. This one goes along with your resume or job application set. This kind of letter is usually the first thing that he hiring manager will read. For that reason, it is such a good thing that you make the compelling letter, even if you have no experience before.

Even if you are counted as the entry level substitute teacher with zero experience in hand, you are still able to make the good impression to the hiring authority. Apparently, this kind of thing can be done by mentioning your education and the other transferable skills in the way that relate the job description provided by the prospective employer.

This following paragraph will guide you how to write the great cover letter for the substitute teacher resume. The first part consists of the position overview. In this part, you can describe that he substitute teachers are hired on both temporary and permanent basis. On the temporary one, they need to manage the classrooms over the short period. Usually, it is when the lead teacher is away.

Furthermore, you can explain that some school also hire substitute teachers on the permanent basis so if at any time the lead teacher is unavailable, the substitute teacher can take the place. Usually, this kind of teacher needs to teach all subjects or at the very least know the basics of all. basically, the substitute teacher will assist with classroom instruction in the absence of the lead teacher. While taking the role as the substitute teacher, the teacher performs all the jobs of the regular teacher, including handling lessons and making sure that the classroom supplies are aplenty. Aside from that, it is also the job of the substitute teacher to make sure that the regular classroom routines are followed, and discipline is maintained.

The second part is about the job description for the substitute teacher. For your reference, here are some sample job description for the substitute teacher resume that you can write:

  • Take every instruction from school office and lead the teacher about the handling class instruction.
  • Read and learn about the curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Refer to the lesson plan left by the original teacher and make sure that the correct measures are taken to follow it.
  • Make sure that the classroom instruction is handled well according to the school’s policies, vision and mission, and objectives.
  • Manage the student behavior and classroom order.
  • Make sure that the climate of fairness and respect is promoted.
  •  Take the important actions and reasonable actions to make sure the safety of students, materials and school equipment.
  • Gather and collect the papers of the students and assignments according to he procedures of the school.
  • Return the right or graded papers to every student and make sure that they know the grading system
  • Give the instructional materials to every student and make sure that they are handled with care.

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