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Apply Subway Application – Canada Careers that offer thousands career opportunity and able for part time or full time job seeker. In subway, generally they offer employment in restaurant and corporate. With proactive hiring process, the workers are able to have training program and competitive rate paid. Subway promise prospective associates for online application and many restaurants have partnership with them ready to accept their applicant.

Subway Canada Job Description and Salary

Sandwich artist- this is general crew team member that operate he restaurant chain. Sandwich artist duties prepare subway menu such as sandwich, salad and wrap. Their additional requirement is to ensure that their stores stay clean, restock the ingredients, check for machinery and ovens, and handle cash register. They paid with minimum wage and for the experience; they are able to earn $12.0 per hour,

Senior sandwich artist- the senior sandwich artist has similar duties with sandwich artist.  The senior sandwich has additional responsibility to training new employee that hired. They need to train new worker to work in effective and efficient to save time manager.

Management- management positions in Subway consist of store manager and assistant manager. Subway manager is responsible for screen and hire new restaurant associates and consider income application, worker contact, conduct an interview and make final decision to hire. They work in office and responsible for closing and open the restaurant.

Benefit of Subway Canada working

Working in Subway Canada will give you big benefit. They are offer bonus and incentive for excellent worker, raises financial and wellness improvement. They offer life assurance that benefit for employee and financial benefit that useful in the future. They offer medical insurances, prescription drug discount, health paid for vision and dental check, and medical insurance benefit coverage. The health benefit offered just for qualified worker. They also have safety training and professional training that offered from their Subway University program.

Subway restaurant information

Subway Canada becomes the most important subway fast food restaurant chain. They operated in more than 40.000 locations and become the most outside restaurant in United States. Most of Subway restaurant Canada is operate by independent operator and franchise. They offer fresh made sandwich to serve the customer. The variable dinner menu starts from bread, cheese, meat, vegetable, sauces, and variable toppings. They also offer side meals such as fresh baked cookies, fruits, and free fat chips. With their dedication to promote healthy eating and low calorie menu.

Minimum age to work at Subway: 16

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