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logo-subwayOne of the American fast food restaurant franchises, Subway, has been included as one of the fastest growing franchises around the globe. This franchise primarily sells salads and submarine sandwiches, both of which are nice for those who have fast rhythm. Subway is operated and owned by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. and recently has 39,282 franchises spreading around the world, in 102 countries, according to data collected in April 26, 2013. This number makes the franchise as the world’s largest single brand restaurant, and in fact, it is as the world’s second largest restaurant operator. It is only beaten by Yum! Brands.

Of course it will be very interesting if you make Subway as one career option. Having a job in Subway is considered as one of the lucrative choices. Doctor’s Associates, Inc. has a commitment in supporting those who are looking for exciting career by joining one of the best teams in the history of franchising. Basically, there are three categories of jobs provided by Subway, including Regional Jobs, Local Restaurant Jobs, and Headquarters Jobs. Each of these categories consists of many jobs that can be chosen in accordance to your wishes and desires. The first category, Headquarters Jobs, consists of several positions to be occupied by applicants, including International Coordinator, Legal Assistant, Attorney, Construction Payable Assistant, Director of Operations, Worldwide Training Director, Leasing Assistant, and many more.

The second category, Local Restaurant Jobs, consist of a position only, which is the Sandwich Artist. This position requires an applicant to do some tasks related to serving and greeting the guests. There are also other kinds of job descriptions, including maintaining food safety, preparing food, maintaining sanitation standards, and handling light paperwork. The main goal of local restaurant jobs is providing exceptional customer services. You must have educational background in High School or equivalent, experience will not be required but the ability to implement and understand verbal and written instructions is a must. The third jobs, Regional Jobs, consist of several positions, including area managers, business field consultants, restaurant managers, assistant managers, shift managers, store managers, managers, business consultants, director of field operators, and many more. You cannot search for Local Restaurant Jobs on Regional Jobs. In addition to that, Local Restaurant Jobs are available in several countries such as Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada – according to My Subway Career’s website. Moreover, businesspersons who want to have their own Subway restaurant can also register their name at the network of Subway. Plenty of opportunities have been opened for those who want to be a member of Subway network of franchise.

If you want to get a part-time job, then Restaurant Jobs should be the one to consider. If you decide to apply at Subway, you must open its website and then navigate your browser to ‘career centre’ page. Click on ‘career centre’ and it should take you to a page where ‘Local Restaurant Jobs’ link is available. Click this link and then a new web address is going to pop-up. After determining your location, you have to complete four steps more.

Click here to apply online at Subway careers.

Print Out Subway Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Subway Job Application Form in PDF



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