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This is good news for job seekers. The Taco Bueno, a famous fast food restaurant offers many job opportunities for those who are career minded. Its popularity makes the Taco Bueno keeps in need of new employees to fill some positions. Read along and get yourself informed.

About Taco Bueno you need to know

Applicants should be 17 years old and are able to work at different time on Sunday to Thursday on 10.00 am till 11.00 pm and 10.00 am till 12.00 pm in Friday and Saturday. For the details of jobs available in Taco Bueno, please click the Jobs Available. Remember to read the tips on interview and print the application in the official site.

Job description in Taco Bueno

Don’t worry if you are inexperienced. The paid training gives you opportunity to learn some positions you’ve desired. So, you will likely to get new experiences as well as additional skills during the training. Employees must be able to handle the work in cashier table, cooking in the kitchen as well as treating the customers well and always making their satisfaction as the top priority. Taco Bueno also provides trucks names TaGo Bueno for loyal customers spread all over Texas. These trucks are good marketing tools to greet the customers who straightly know the Taco Bueno trucks through social medias. Now, the company even plans to have more trucks to serve not only the hungry customers, but also to participate in some events like charity and promotional one.

Tips on applying at the Taco Bueno

All applicants should complete the printable application form as addition to the requested papers containing personal data and information. It takes about 45 minutes to fill the application form. But, the reference materials should be submitted less than that. Fill some application forms for some location. This will enlarge your chance to be accepted. To follow the hiring process or completing the application, applicants may contact the manager through email, phone or personal visit.

Working in Taco Bueno’s benefits

Employees get insurances that cover vision, dental and general health care besides the discounts. For managers, medical coverage and time for vacation are given according the length of time the employees work with the restaurant. Those are good compensation after the managers are promoted as the addition of retirement planning.

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