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Canada is open for new businesses today. For that reason, they need more and more employees to fill various positions. The employees are also various from the entry level up to the professional employees. For Canadians who want to find a new job, you can just take Target Application. Target is a popular store and they will expand their store next year. Because of that, they are welcoming Canadian who want to find part time jobs and full time jobs. If you tend to use internet, you can just fill the online form and wait for the next process. On the other hand, if you have time, you can also directly go to the closest Target store around your living area and give your application letter.

At least, you can apply for fourth different jobs in various levels. Before that, you have to show that you are 18 years old or more to apply the application. Is it possible for you to join Target if you don’t have a lot of experience? Yes! You still have the same opportunity to get the job. In this case, you can apply as sales floor. This position doesn’t need specific working experience. Your main job is helping customers when they visit Target. You also have a job to stock new products to the shelves. Still, it is good if you have similar working experience because you will be paid start at $12.00 or more and it depends on your working experience.

You are also allowed to apply as front end. You will be worked as cashier or customer service center. You have to be friendly and have good social skill to do this job. Target will give you around $9.00 up to $12.00 per hour if you take this job. If you need more option, you can also take a job as logistic. You will be worked at the stockroom. It is good if you have specific skills including machinery, electricity, forklift, scanner, and many more. The salary rate from Target is around $11.00 up to $13.00. It will be best if you have suitable skill because you have a chance to work on store management. You will earn around $45.000 up to $70.000 a year. The main skill you need to master is leadership. This is due to the job which asks you to contact potential hire, finding new employees, and many more. Just click the link offered here to check the detail of the jobs.

Minimum age to work at Target: 16

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