Teacher Resume Example

Being a teacher is a kind of job that you might want to have if you love to meet children. There is no doubt that there are many reasons why you should apply for teaching job. If you want to apply a job to be a teacher, you have to make sure that you choose the good template that will help you to get the job for you. It is not a hard thing to find a template for making resume to be a teacher. There is no doubt that you will find it easier if you get an example to make the resume.

You can apply for teaching position in many kinds of education community or school. Since teacher will be a good lead to the students, it is obvious that the headmaster would like to hire a capable teacher with good personality. It would be much better for you to show your quality on the resume by stating the experience, education background, and also the recognition you get as a teacher. Without a doubt, your resume would be chosen as a candidate to fill the empty position on the school you are applied to. Here is a good template that you can copy to create your own resume.

It is important for you to make sure that the quality that you have matches the requirements of the job. You will be able to win the job if you can ensure the employer that you will be helpful in increasing profit without even mention that skill.

Rita Green
4329 West Avenue
Troffle, USA 422199
Home: (932) 5738-883
Cell: (932) 5738-889


I am a teacher with eight years experience in teaching students from first grade to fifth grade. I have strong will to help students get the basic knowledge as well as in arts. Special skill: Developing creative classroom interaction to increase students’ will to study without spending any cost to the school or district.


Hay Day Private Elementary School (2006-2014)

  • Succeeding in teaching students of fourth grade who have low grades to reach the next grade level
  • Developing creative classroom interaction to increase students’ will to study which is later applied to all of the classes
  • Providing free-class after school to help students in understanding difficult subjects


Troffle Education College (2005)


Hay Day Private Elementary School: Teacher of the Year (2010)

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