Tell about yourself

It is certain that this question has always been the initial question in any job interview. This question is prologue before the interviewer digs all the substantial terms of the applicants, which have relevance to the work that will be carried by the applicant, such as the capacities, skills, integrity, commitment, and other substantive matters.

Since this is just prologue, make sure you give dense and brief answers before the interviewer’s focus began to move away from you.

Here I will show some examples of how applicants’ answers the question from different situation.

The first situation is you will return to the workforce after quitting your job for a long time. Alternative answer that can you tell is:

“For the last (months or years), I became a freelancer in several projects that are both profitable and social. It is a very valuable experience for me, especially in honing my organizational skills as well as my business skills. I am optimistic that my experience so far can make me an effective employee.”

The second situation is you – for some reasons- want to move from the previous workplace and try to apply to the new company. Alternative answer that you can tell:

“Having worked in the … [specify the name of the company/organization] for [specify your employment] as … (state your position] and continues to move up the career ladder there. After doing some evaluation, I realized that I had to change my career direction to maximize my personal skills as well as providing my skills in a company that is more relevant to my skills and personal passion. Therefore, now I want to work in this company/institution.”

The third situation is you are a Fresh Graduate and this is your first job candidates. Alternative answer that you can tell:

“After graduating from ABC State University of majors … (mention your field of study], I received a job offer from some agencies/ companies. However, I should temporarily suspend the offer because I really want to start a career in this company/ institute. You know, no matter how uncertain a goal is it will be more exciting than the assurance that we are not really wanted. Because of that purpose, I decided to apply to your place.”

In practice, of course there will be many possible conditions – not limited to these three conditions. However, at least three scenarios – does not work for a long time, want to move the workplace, and fresh graduate – can be the representative of many possibilities.

You can refer to this alternative answer by modifying it so it will be more relevant for your situation and your company (also the interviewer) that you face.

Remember: This is a prologue! Complete these questions as short and clear as possible because we do not want to run out of time and miss the next questions, which is much more substantial and decisive.

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