Tell Me about Yourself Answer for Experienced

Job application letter which is full of optimism does not necessarily indicate that the person is also optimistic as he described through the files. Once the interviewer asks the simple things, such as “please, explain your personality in a few sentences,” many applicants go stutter. What often happens, instead of giving an answer as requested, but rather humbled by saying, “Ah, I am just an ordinary person, just like the others who enjoy their lives.” Well, of course, such is a very bad reply. Recently, there are many tips suggesting that conventional applicants should be humble when having a job interview, so that they can steal sympathy from the interviewer. But, times have changed. A humble answer with too much-stale shows lack of confidence, and many companies do not need such type of employees.

What is needed now is a tactical response; a strong sentence should reflect who you are and why you feel that you will be fitted in the company. In this sense, a tactical response needed, and sure we will require an example. So, this is an example of a tactical response, which can be followed when the interviewer asks you to describe yourself.

“I am Toni, the third child of five siblings. I was active in school newspapers when I was at high school. There I wrote dozens of articles, interviewed people around me, and created journalistic reports for my community and school. I realize that I am a person who has passion in meeting with new people, in order to learn many things from them and to discuss any topic. I devote myself to traveling and reading. I joined the band at college. So, I am a kind of person who loves to create harmony through the music. When I was at college, I often wrote my experience in my journal, blogged about everything that interested me. I guess my habit is molded by my personal experience in the field of college newspaper. “

As you can see, that example showed above is not something that is flowery. On the contrary, Interviewer sees Toni as the one who is having great curiosity, friendly, and a typically open-minded person. In other words, Toni shows that he is a smart person who is capable of answering the question in an effective and smart way. So, you need to illustrate implicitly that you are worthy placed in the position you seek (based on the above example, Toni wants to apply for a position as a reporter.) Interviewers need a short answer, which shows natural optimism at the same time.

In conclusion, prepare yourself well and enter the room with self-confidence. One of the most important things is a brief description of your personality. Interviewers do not need heroics, fiery and flowery words; they need your confidence. On the first occasion, they usually want to see how the applicant appreciates himself. Therefore, you must try to make a few points related to the things you like and you want in the future. After finding these points, you need to practice so that you can express everything through short and smart answers.

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