Teller Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Cover letter is important to impress the company where you apply for a job. Like meeting with person you would like to impress, you need to make the cover letter as interesting as you can. When you try to impress someone, you will wear the best suits you have and speak with the best manner. Writing cover letter is the same thing. The company needs to know you have all capability they need to fulfill the position. Use formal language style and write them in requested letter (if any). Below is an example of cover letter as your reference and guidance.

555 Fairy Street
Dreamland, Lost Angel 2828

March 23, 2015

Mr. Guardian Angelo
HR Manager
999 Roman Street
Dreamland, Lost Angel 2828

Dear Mr. Angelo:

I read your interesting advertisement that says that your company needs Teller Coordinator who is qualified, experienced and can be relied on. I have the qualifications you need including coaching and mentoring skills in developing reliable teller teams. I master all field in banking sector and have solved many issues that deal with complex teller transaction, teller schedules management, and teller operation supervising. I have also good knowledge of control protocols both internal as well as external and good skill on effective communicating with team.

I have almost 6 years experience in banking field and here are some achievements I have reached during my hard work:

  • I carried through good strategies in management
  • I monitored thoroughly every day transactions process with good vigilance
  • I am talented in marketing also and have sold many products as well as services related to banking fields

With all of those experiences and achievements, I am confident that I can fit in the available position. With my good skill on communication, I believe I am the one you are looking for to work with your team. I also believe that I will be able to make your tellers become more efficient. My dealing with customers for more than 5 years, I believe, will make me more capable of handling any issue related to them and make them satisfy.

I will be honored if you are willing to meet me and discuss more detail about my experiences. I give my phone number, email and some accounts as well in the attachments. I am willing to do interview anytime in your convenience.

Thank you for your attention.


Gracy Well
(101) 555 – 2828

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