Teller Coordinator Job Description

One of jobs in financial industry is becoming teller coordinators and wherein their working area is usually in banks. Their duty will be about coordinating and directing the tellers’ jobs and schedules. Typically, this position handles many of the same duties that regular tellers manage. The deal with check receiving from clients and process them based on bank’s regulations. Besides, they also identify and verify clients and financial matters.

As a coordinator, the performance will be more about administrative duties. This position is also kind of managerial duties besides administrative tasks. Arrange schedule for tellers about where to place and what tasks to handle. Financial field are high in rotation, thus, it is important for those who choose this career to know how to manage duties for each teller so the counter will have appropriate service.

Since this position require management and directional skills, level education must be met for high school diploma at minimum level. Nonetheless, many companies will more prefer candidates with college degree especially in business or finance. It is about the qualification because the recruiters need to train new coordinators with adequate necessary information. Basically, this job will deal also about managing people and related to customer service performance that means pleasant, outgoing and communicative are must abilities.

  • Evaluate necessary for tellers on every counter and generate plans to get them
  • Arrange each teller schedules on a frequent basis and oversee that the schedule is being followed
  • Arrange teller rotation based on the duration that each teller need to spend at one stand
  • Inform tellers about handling process related to complex financial tool
  • Help teller in check cashing by cross checking amounts and signatures are correctly shown
  • Accept deposit checks, input into system and publish receipts
  • Calculate coins and currency given by clients to ensure the correct deposit amount
  • Give cash to clients for pay orders, checks, and bank drafts
  • Investigate check to prevent forging or overwriting
  • Inform general information to clients on account opening and ensure that they are equipped with more info by relationship coordinators
  • Input any transactions into database as record
  • Provided information to clients about checks returning and how to avoid bounces for next time
  • Help tellers in counting cash and balancing cash registers so they can focus on clients
  • Support computing financial services charges and inform to clients about being levied
  • Resolve any conflicts between the tellers and customers related to the service by following bank’s protocols

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