Template for a Career Change Cover Letter

Having a job might be one of the biggest achievements in your life. However, on some points, you might want to have a career change due to various reasons. The most common reason that makes people want to have a career change is that because they realize that they could get a better job with the skills and abilities that they have. Better salary is also considered as one of the most common reasons that make people want to have a career change as well. If you consider having a new job and leaving your old job, you might need to know how to create a good career change cover letter. This type of cover letter is an important key for those of you who want to have a career change.

Creating cover letter for career change purpose might be a little bit different than creating cover letter for job application. One of the most important things that you need to mention to the hiring manager in your career change cover letter is your intention to have a career change. You also need to include other things in the cover letter as well such as reference about your previous job and your experiences and skills that are related to new position that you want to fill. The skills and experiences that you could include in your cover letter are including managing, strong leadership qualities, or interest in team playing. You also could include other experiences and skills that might help you in getting the new position.

Take a look at the career change cover letter below for better view.

Sarah Newman
577 Sunny Lodge
Denver, USA 44444
Home: (999) 999-0000
Cell: (888) 888-0000

September 15, 2014

Ms. Diana King
Hiring Manager
Longbow Nursery School
344 Kirby Lane
Denver, USA 44444

Dear Ms. King:

I saw your post yesterday on jobsearch.com and I was delighted to find that you’re hiring for the fall semester. I like to make a career change, from my previous job as English teacher I high school to preschool teacher.

I see this opportunity as the real possibility and therefore I write this cover letter to you. I spent my last twenty years in the classroom working with teens. Now that I’m getting older and have more experience and I want to bring my sensitivity and skills to young children in order to teach and guide them and also to interact with them as they play and learn.

I am a state licensed preschool teacher and also I have lifetime teaching credential as well. I hope you consider speaking to me about my opportunity to fill opening at your school. Please contact me at my phone or cell if you want to interview me.

I appreciate your time for allowing me to introduce myself and tell you about my plan related to this career change.


Sarah Newman

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