Template for a Scholarship Cover Letter

Education might be one of the most important things in this modern life. With good education, you might be able to have a good career in the future. However, the cost for good education might be quite expensive for some people. If you can’t afford the cost of your study or if you want to enter college but you don’t have enough money, getting scholarship might be the best solution for you. You could get scholarship from various sources. One of the best sources to get scholarship is from certain company. If you have already worked in certain company, it will be easier for you to get scholarship since most companies these days usually have sponsorship for employees who want to further their education.

Just like applying for a job, getting scholarship from the company where you work might be quite difficult since you need to compete with quite large number of candidates. You also need to create scholarship cover letter as well if you want to get the scholarship as well. When writing scholarship cover letter, there are several important details that you need to notice so that you could create a good scholarship cover letter. It’s very important for you to put any details and information about yourself on your cover letter. You also need to show your gratitude and humility on your cover letter as well. Your cover letter should be able to show your intention and what will you give as exchange for the funding that you will get.

Take a look at the example of scholarship cover letter below and use it to create your own cover letter.

Heather Graham
88 College Lane
Kansas, USA 22222
Home: (999) 999-1111
Cell: (444) 333-9999

September 16, 2014

Ms. Patricia Bloom
Director of Student Funds
New Jersey Business Consultants
119 Business Avenue
New Jersey, USA 77777

Dear Ms. Bloom:

I found out that your company is making limited number of scholarship for college which is available to local students. I write this cover letter to inquire about the process that is required to apply for the funding.

I am a high school students who hope to attend Birmingham University a year from next October but I need help with board and tuition. I plan to major in marketing and sales and would like to work at your company as half time apprentice during summer before I enter the college to learn about business and as return you might want to decide to choose me for one of the scholarships available.

If you want to interview me, I’d like to meet you directly at the schedule that works for you. You can contact me at my phone number anytime you want.

Thank you so much for considering me for this scholarship program by paying attention to this letter and my attached resume. I hope could hear from you soon.


Heather Graham

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