Template for an Executive Cover Letter

Applying for a different job may take a different kind of approach. It all based on the job itself and what kind of person that the hiring manager will consider as the qualified one. Those who are seeking the position as an executive must be fully aware about the kind of qualification that they had to have. Most hiring manager will want to have an executive that can fully understand and uphold the company value and standard, and of course, the executive should be able to work well with the company and the employees of all level.

Those are the main qualification that the hiring manager will look for when they open up a position or an executive. If you want to apply for this position, bear in mind the qualification that was needed and try to put yourself as the qualified person in your cover letter. If you managed to do that, then most likely you will get a follow up from the hiring manager.

Here is an example of an executive cover letter that you use as your guide. Feel free to personalized it and make it as something uniquely yours.

Jane Doe
111 Mount Street
Any Town, USA
Cell Phone: (123) 123-1234

September 10, 2014

Mr. Edward
Hiring Manager
DDD Company
44 Boyd Avenue
Little City, USA

Dear Mr. Edward

I was very pleased to see the job offering that your company has to offer as an Executive in the financial department. The job requirement that you post is fit perfectly well with my skill, talent and experience and hereby I apply for this position.

I worked in financial department for five years, moving from level entry analyst job to middle management and finally to executive management. From all the years of my experience, I can offer you excellent project management skill, excellent communication with top firm across the country and also great eye for detail, which is something that is highly needed in this industry. These long years of experience have brought me to this place and I am confident that my knowledge and experience will bring good impact to your company.

DDD Company intrigues me as the company that believes in fully maximizing their employee ability for the sake of everyone. I love this idea to bring not only the company but also people who work in it to the top and I would love to join and participate on the process. I look forward to meet you in person to discuss more of this objective.


Jane Doe

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