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About Texas Roadhouse

logo-texas-roadhouseIf you are interested to join with Texas Roadhouse, of course you need to have Texas Road house Job Application PDF to fill out. But before we share you all you need to do in applying your job application, you need to know history of Texas Roadhouse first. Texas Roadhouse was founded in February 17, 1993. It is a popular restaurant in America. The founder of Texas Roadhouse is Kent Taylor who is from Colorado. He had worked at restaurants and nightclubs in Colorado. Texas Roadhouse is made with the theme of Southwestern to make all customers enjoyable. He got $80,000 from the former governor of Kentucky John Y. Brown, Jr to start the restaurant. At the first, Taylor named his restaurant with Buckhead Hickory Grill then it was changed to Buckhead Mountain Grill. Because of the problems appeared between Brown and Taylor before the opening of a second restaurant in Clarksville, Kentucky, the partnership fell apart. Then Taylor changed the restaurant name into Texas Roadhouse until this day.

Job Application Form for Texas Roadhouse

There is no any printable job application provided by Texas Roadhouse. All applicants must apply for employment through the websites of http://www.texasroadhouse.com/careers to check whether any Texas Roadhouse job application PDF available or not. There are many positions available in Texas Roadhouse both full-time and part-time positions. The positions vary depending on the location.

Job Description and Income in Texas Roadhouse

Different positions have different job description and income. There are various positions available in Texas Roadhouse as server, cook, kitchen manager, and bartender. The server is responsible to wait on the customers taking orders than put them in the kitchen which will be given to the cooks. The server will serve the drinks and appetites to the customers while they are waiting for the main meal. The server earns $1,480 a month. As cooks, they are responsible to prepare the food ordered by the customers. They must be able to grill steaks or make baked potatoes. Cook earns $10.00 an hour. The kitchen manager has responsibility to ensure that all runs well in the whole kitchen. He/she must be able to help assign task, open and close it down, and keep the kitchen cleaned. If there is any problem, a kitchen manager needs to report to the main manager. The kitchen manager can earn $38,000 to $44,000 a year. Meanwhile, the bartenders are responsible to make the drinks for the customers. They also need to ensure that they only put adequate alcohol in the drinks ordered. The bartenders also need to make sure the legal drinking age of the customers and that the customers do not drink too much. They need to check the customers’ age by asking the server to check their identification related to legal drinking age. They can earn $12.00 an hour and they can get much higher wage quickly. If you are interested to join with Texas Roadhouse and want to check whether there is any Texas Roadhouse job application PDF, you can visit the website.

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