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Online Job Application for The Bargain! Shop Jobs

A renowned retail shop group, The Bargain! Shop offers plenty of job vacancies for part-time or full time positions. Generally, the positions fit college and high school students, part timer applicants and retirees. For managerial positions, TB!S offers the career-challenged applicants. The workers with flexible time, warm personalities and high-skilled in customer services are needed to operate the store greatly. Job seekers can apply directly by visiting local TB!S store or by online.

TB! Shop Job Vacancies and Salary Info

Freshman position level as the most usual opportunities available at TB!S. job hunters who apply to The Bargain! Shop must be minimally 16 years old to be employed. Fill the app form to start the hiring procedures for these positions below:

Sales Assistant – the position rotate around customer service. Sales assistants manage in divisions completely TB!S chain including apparels, hardware, furniture, automotive, jewelry and electronics. Main duties are about helping customers, storing goods and keeping the work spaces spotless and organized. The applicants look for this position must own managerial and well communication techniques also open characters. This position earns $10 to $13 per hour.

Cashier – giving buyer’s service and handling money are the main tasks for cahiers. They help customers in paying process and pack goods. Open personalities and good in math have bigger chance to get this position. The average payment for cashiers is about $9 and $11 an hour.

Management – the manager position supervise shop operations, from sales marketing to profit with additional duties including hire and train new workers, fulfill administration, guarantee customer satisfaction, set up advertisements on time and properly, accept regular freight transportation. The applicants must qualify in managerial experience, POS training and high school education. The manager’s salary rate is around $30,000 and $60,000 for prodigy manager per year.

The Bargain! Shop Working’s Benefits

New TB!S workers accept wonderful benefits after completing hiring procedures. Full-timers get health, work and life benefits access, financial aid and learning and growth chances. Besides, they get time off including paid vacation, sick and personal leave, birthdays and condolence days. Part-timer gain sufficient salaries, goods discounts and Canada savings bond aid. Skillful staffs get much insurance coverage. Flexible hours, reimbursement, award and recognition program, career training and growth chance.

More about The Bargain! Shop

It is a discount dept. store group all over Canada with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It has 250 store locations. Firstly open in 1991, this shop provides all household stuffs and daily needs by cooperate with various brand and manufacturers of selling products. Today, over 2,500 workers are employed by TB!S.

Minimum age to work at The Bargain! Shop: 16

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