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Online Job Application for The Bay Jobs

Many career opportunities both for new or experiences employees are available in retail industry of The Bay. With minimum age at least 16, the application can be done online or bring the app for local applicants.

Career Positions and Salary Info

Sales Assistant – the position shows the multiple skills in customer service. The main duty is make the customer feel enjoyable, helps the buyers find goods. Get right sizing and arrange special orders for unready stock product. The addition tasks are keeping the store clean, tidy and well-arranged. Exceptional work will get chance of promotion to sales team leader and gathering commissions. The average hourly salary is about $11.00 to $13.00.

Counter Assistant – this position requires some time with company and it provides service in fragrance, jewelry and beauty supplies with a quality attendants. Thus, this position needs learn about store and products. Hourly wages is about $12.00 – $15.00 with commissions.

Store Manager – the heavier duties of supervising and guiding team members and usually own skill and retail industry experience. Although The Bay often promotes the current employees to this position, experienced retail applicants can apply to be hired. A year salary rates around $45,000 – $60,000.

Corporate Profession – The Bay runs with a corporate brood due to many locations across Canada and corporate workers primarily work for Bay Company of Hudson on Toronto. This job is offered for experienced college educated entrants as well internship and graduation chance to students. The salary ranges vary depending on job title and experience.

Working’s Benefits at ‘The Bay’

The parent company will filter the working benefit for the workers. They usually consider some requirements. For instance, full timer members and managerial member get more perks than freshmen or part-timer. The job benefits including financial programs are such as saving accounts, financial wealth program, and future planning aid, possibility of retirement plan for eligible employees. Medical programs include dental, vision and health insurance, short and long term disability optional coverage as well Health saving account.

More about ‘The Bay’
The Bay operates more than 90 stores across Canada and one of the most popular retailers as well as the Hudson’s Bay Company’s main brand with French and English speaking services. The initial opening is under Hudson’s Bay Company name in 1881 located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today, 100 dept. stores across country are in the company group. This about 135,000 square feet store provides apparels, accessories, kitchen, bedroom and other home furnishings not to mention electronics and other tools.

Minimum age to work at The Bay: 16

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