Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions Successfully

When applying for a job, the application letter is not the only important thing. We will also need to pass the job interview. We often get nervous when answering questions delivered by the interviewers. As a result, our answers do not satisfy the interviewers. This happens because we do not know what questions that will be asked and how to answer them.

The followings are Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions Successfully:

1. Who took you here, and what is his/her position? What is your relationship with him/her?

This is the most common question found in job interview session.
Answer: Tell honestly if you really know family or people who have already worked there. But, tell them too that you don’t expect to be accepted due to the connection by saying you are willing to take any tests required.

2. How much salary do you expect?

Answer: Answer this question realistically. Do not lie about your previous salary if you have ever worked before. If you think that the salary you get in the current job is too small, give a good reason.

3. What is your main strength?

Answer: Choose a strength which is relevant with the job you apply. Avoid general responses like saying that you are hard worker. It is better to deliver it in a way like “I always make myself busy with job lists that I make myself because for me, it is not convenient to leave the office before everything is done.”

4. What is your obvious weakness?

Answer: Nobody is perfect. Tell the truth by mentioning your concrete weakness. For example, you are not good at math that is why you always bring a calculator. After you teal your weakness, follow up with your strengths.

5. How do you see yourself five years from now?

Answer: Describe a position realistically. For example in five years you will achieve two or three levels above the position you are now applying. Be focused on things related to the position you are applying.

6. Why do you want to resign from your current job?

Answer: Do not reveal any negative things. Deliver your answer in a positive way, for example you want to leave your current job because there is no room for personal and professional growth. Then, explain why you think that the new job you are applying offers a better opportunity.

7. Have you ever been failed?

Answer: Tell about your fail that you have overcome to let the interviewers know that you made effort to solve problems.

8. Why are you interested to look for a job? Isn’t being a businessman more profitable?

Answer: Tell the truth the reasons why you apply for the job. For example you can say that there is no money to start your own business.

9. If you are accepted, are you willing to be placed outside the city?

Answer: “Yes” if you really want that job. But, if you mind for temporary, give a good reason for example because your wife or kids are sick.

10. Do you have questions?

Answer: Deliver at least two questions focusing on this new office. You may ask whether the office has a website or not. Or, you may ask whether the new CEO (that you know has been recently employed) – does he make improvement for the company, and the like. Do not ask personal things like whether your career will develop there.

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