To Whom It May Concern Letter Sample and Format

When you want to send a letter for application job or other formal things, there may be a situation where you do not know the name of the person of the company where you want to send the letter. If it happens, there is “To Whom It May Concern” term that you can use. It is a letter salutation that can be used in business correspondence when you do not know the specific person to whom you are writing.

Before you write a letter, you are able to make an effort to find a contact name to use on your letter or inquiry. But sometimes we cannot find it so we are able to use “To Whom It May Concern.”. This term is used at the beginning of a letter, email or other forms of communication when you are not sure of who exactly will be reading it. It can be found at many points in your job search. For instance, you want to send a cover letter, letter of recommendation or other job search material to someone whose name you do not know. When you write or type a letter “To Whom It May Concern”, the whole phrase is usually capitalized and then followed by a colon. Here, we have an example of format how to use “To Whom It May Concern.”

Your Name

Your Organization

Your Address



Organization Name

Address of Organization

Reference: In this section, you have to state the goal of the letter in a precise and concise manner

Salutation/ Greetings: In this section, you will state the salutation and you will use “To Whom It May Concern” if you do not know the addressee.

Introduction: In this section, you can begin your letter with a brief introduction to the person writing the letter and the reason why you send this letter.

Paragraph 2: In this section, you have to convey about what you want to the addressee. If it is a cover letter, then you will state your qualifications and experience.

Summary: In this part, you have to say thank to the addressee for the time that he has given your letter. You can also provide your contact details to ensure that he is able to get in touch with you.

Enclosure: In this section, you are able to add a line after the closing which will list out all the documents attached with the letter.

Valediction/ Goodbye

Yours sincerely


Your name

As you can see in the format above that you will write or type “To Whom It May Concern” in the salutation/ greeting section. You can use this term if you do not know the specific addressee and you do not have contact person for the letter. Besides “To Whom It May Concern”, there are some other alternatives that you can use for letter salutations such as Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Hiring Committee, Dear Recruiting Manager, Dear HR Manager, Dear Personnel Manager, and Dear Human Resources Representative.

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