Training for Retail Store Sales Attendants

Job Description

Retail store sales attendants are one of the popular jobs in retail industry. This position can be found in any kinds of retail such as clothing store, furniture store, medicine, cosmetics, department stores, and many more. This position plays important role in helping the retail store to succeed in this exceedingly competitive industry. The duties of store sales attendants may include handling the cash registers and credit card payment, delivering coupons, and the like. Duties may be varied in different places. Sales attendants in other retail stores may have to manage the displays of merchandises and exchange them over time. Others may be responsible to give recommendation on certain services and products. For example, a fashion salesperson in women’s apparel outlet helps costumers select a prom dress that fit their body. A store that sells cosmetics many need a sales associate to suggest costumers of what products they should wear to accentuate their beauty. This position belongs to an entry level job. In many retail stores, applicants of this job do not require having experiences, although those having sales experiences are sometimes preferable. That is why new salespersons need to do on-the-job training before they are officially hired.

About the training

Training for store sales attendants usually last in one month. The training takes place in the store where the new employees will work later on. In the training, new employees will learn and practice skills and tasks that they will perform later on. The trainers are usually the senior sales associates and sales managers. Job training usually is usually started with introduction of the retail store and its product. As a retail sales attendant, you should be able to communicate with costumers effectively. Therefore, the training will mainly develop your interpersonal and communication skills. For example, you may be asked to present and explain certain products to the costumers. The trainers will show you how to promote and suggest the products in clearly and in attractive way. There will be a simulation where the trainer will act as a customer who asks many questions and you have to answer the questions appropriately. You will also learn how to locate items and merchandise on the store in such a way that costumer can easily find what they need to purchase. In addition, a retail store attendant should be good at calculating discounts and describing any promotion. Thus, the training will also accommodate the new salespersons deal with money, cash registers, credit card payment, and the like. After new sales attendants understand their duties, they will work with assistance before late on they work independently.

Applying for this job

After you read teh job description of store sales attendants, perhaps you are interested for the position. First decide in what kind of store you’d like to work. After that, search for a store sales jobs in the internet or newspaper. Before submitting the application, read the vacancy carefully. Although this job is entry level job, there may be some requirements like education background and even experiences. In many stores, a high school diploma is required. Those who have computer skills, business skills, and sales experiences are more preferable.

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