Travel Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


  • Greeting and Address: ensure your cover letter head has updated and latest address and details. Look up on the internet to discover the name of the figure who will read your letter for the greeting. Addressing the right person will be good for the impression.
  • Opening: unique and stand out are important to provide effective openings. Open the letter in appealing manner and able to draw reader’s attention.
  • Main content: the core of cover letter is in its main body. Dedicate this part to display your qualification with the jobs’ requirements.
  • Closing: Same as opening, closing must also have quality in bold and assuring. Being proactive by scheduling yourself of expecting interview shows the enthusiasm.

475 Kimberly Boulevard
Phoenix, Arizona 560xx

Feb 18, 2015

Mr. J. Fredrick
HR Manager
688 Universal Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 560xx

Dear Mr. Fredrick:

I am acting in response with this letter to your job offer for a travel coordinator cited on your website several days ago.

More than the past six years having experience in tourism and travel industry, I have set up exceptional reputation of convincing that the travel necessities of customers are met within the stated budget of the company. My skill to identify opportunities in extending business and to cooperate with third parties to book necessary accommodation at best prices has been my most powerful asset in this job. My experiences and abilities are helpful not only for my avenue but also able to increase the company reputation and profit because of the expertise and supportive staffs.

As my attached resume shows, I am expert at managing the clients’ accommodation and travel necessities, arranging schedule hotel stays, making flight booking, and gathering needed travel documentation including passports, visas and border clearances. My multilingual abilities assist me and streamline communication across birders. To shorten, I am highly motivated and detail concerned professional which exceptionally capable of managing technical issues and solving problem related to what happen in travel.

I have belief that I am the perfect candidate as what you need and hiring me would bring value to the travel coordination service quality you are currently providing. In instance, if you demand a reliable and high skilled travel coordinator who works well under minimal monitor, call me now at (00x) 55x-44xx to arrange an interview schedule.

I would like to express my gratitude for your time and consideration.


R. James
(00x) 55x-44xx


Attc. Resume

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