Travel Jobs Hiring No Experience

Do you like travelling and you dream of having a job that can make you travel? Travelling while working can be an awesome thing because you will not only sit down boredly on your chair with a computer in front of you in a narrow room.

By working on a job where you can travel, it also makes you have chances to meet new people, new things and even new experience that you have never imagined.

Here, we have a list of travel jobs hiring with no experience that you are able to use as your reference and probably can interest you.

  • Tour Guide

You are able to be a tour guide of city tour or you can also be a tour guide that travels from country to country leading excursions. The qualifications of this kind of job vary but usually it does not need experience. Quick learner with excellent people skills can be a point plus for you if you have such character. You are able to find a position which is full time with a set income or you are able to give free tours and rely on tips from generous attendees.

  • Roadie

If you are interested in music, this job can be perfect for you. As a technician or other member of crew for a popular musician, you are able to be constant transit and work a lot of hours. However, it can also be a good way to see countless cities and meet a lot of people everyday. To get a job as a roadie, you are able to access Roadie Jobs and Music Jobs. If you have any connections in the industry, it can be milked to get your foot in the door to work for your favorite performer.

  • Chef in a Submarine

If you want to travel underwater for months, you are able to work in Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. There, you are able to be a submarine chef with a sense of humor. This job requires no specific qualifications. You just need to have a good physical and mental stamina and also the ability to cook.

  • Cruise Ship Staff

Joining a cruise ship staff can be a good thing for you if you have an idea of travelling which is less about solid ground and more about the open sea. If you do not get seasick, you are able to find a position that is suitable for your fancy. Remember that when you join this job, it will involve long periods where you are not able to see your landlocked friends.

  • Au Pair

Have you heard about Au Pair? It is an international nanny which usually lives with a family to take care of their kids. There are a lot of sites which can help find potential matches between families and budding au pairs and it will depend on things such as experience, availability, and country preferences.

Which job does suit you most? You are able to consider the good and bad things from those job and then decide which one that can be suitable with you.

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