Vault Teller Resume Sample

Every bank is usually involved cash deposits and withdrawals on the daily basis. In order to manage the big number of cash, gold, and the other assets of customers, the separate room is created by banks called vault. Everyone who takes care of the amount of the deposit in the vault is known as vault tellers.

This kind of teller is not only manage the flow of the cash from the vault of the bank, but also helps in the other kinds of banking duties. If you want to work as a vault teller, the resume must place you as the thorough banking professional. Some things like the impressive job objective, the tasks you have handled, education and training you have taken, and professional skills should be arrange in the elegant manner.

For your reference, here is the sample of vault teller resume.

Oxford Road
London 7926
(261) 837-9172


Has an eager to serve in a reputed bank as banking sales manager.


  • Has amazing knowledge of banking.
  • Diligent.
  • Dedicated to the time.
  • Has basic mathematical skills.
  • Has basic knowledge of bank services and products.
  • Sound judgment skills.
  • Has organizational skills.
  • Has knowledge of bank policies, procedures and applicable federal regulations.
  • Deadline conscious and efficient in accomplishing the works.
  • Can adapt easily and has motivating skill.
  • Efficient in looking after currencies and coins maintenance.


1. Graduation (in Commerce) from Oxford University

2. A specialization course in Banking and Financial Institutes from Oxford University in 2010


1. Bank of British, London, 2011 – Present

2. Vault teller:

  •  Get checking, savings, deposits and withdrawals.
  • Verify cash and make the endorsements, get the correct identification for cash back, and issue receipts of deposit.
  • Check the checks deposited and determine proper funds availability based on bank and regulation.
  • Conduct a inspection over the procedures counted in handling counterfeit currency.
  • Answer basic customer inquiries related to interest rates, service charges, and account.
  • Search into the disclosure requirements, regulations and consumer privacy policies.
  • Explore the chances to cross-sell the bank products and services.
  • Problem money orders, the checks of the cashier, certified checks and Travelers Checks.
  • Buy and sell currency from the vault as necessary, ensuring that teller drawer cash limits are not exceeded.
  • Maintain security of teller station including keys, combos, cash drawers, and teller work.
  • Ensure teller station is properly supplied.
  • Balance and update the savings passbooks.
  • Protect customer privacy and confidentiality.
  • Balance teller drawer daily, including periodic batching of cashed checks.


Bachelor in Science from Birmingham University in 2014.


The software of build automation, C, C++, CISC and RISC architecture, embedded processor hardware design, field-programmable gate array or FPGA development tools, hardware description language or HDL, hardware verification tools and techniques, HTML, integrated development environments, Java, LabVIEW, Linux, memory management, the software of open-source or OSS, PCB layout review, Python, SQL, UI/UX, Unix, Windows Shell, XML

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