Waitress Resume Template

Being a waitress is one of fulfilling jobs when it is done as part time or full time career. This occupation is about serving people in physical and emotional and at the same time can make money. Accordingly, it is worth investing to make a solid resume to take position as waitress and it will not waste the time.

ALERT: the job search will end when the applicant bring wrong format of resume. For waitress job seeker, doing this mistake means you have to say goodbye for this position.

From these resume styles below, guess which one will get you hired as waitress in no time.

  1. Chronological format

  2. Functional format

  3. Active format

SUGGESTION: Don’t make yourself to say goodbye to the chances of get interview called or even get hired by choosing the wrong resume format.

Be specific in skill and qualities that match the hiring requirements so the employers will notice the relevance and they will choose you over other job seekers. If you take time to write the correct resume format, you have just made better chance of being noticed by the hiring manager and increase the possibility to get hired. In addition, you can eliminate the more experienced candidates.

Pamela G.
10 Brookside Ln
Cozyville, United States of America 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Having six years in serving experience as waitress at Cafe of Rendezvous served food and beverages for the customers. nowadays searching for similar career position in a big city. willing to move and understood for client satisfaction as well as for set up trustworthy clientele that improves the cafe’s income.


Rendezvous Cafe from 2007 to 2013

  • Reserved tables for special occassion in the personal dining room
  • Recommended menus suitable to the customers and the guests of party
  • Gave training to new hireling


College of City, Cozyville, United States of America in 2008


Women Figure in Business: Award of Community Service in 2011

Today, the job seekers crowd has increased and this condition results the tight rivalry among job applicants. Deal with this situation, being stand out is very essential and resume is where to start. Well written and format of resume will make the resume is more noticeable by the employers and lead to possibility of getting the job even when there are many higher experienced applicants out there.

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