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Walgreens is a company involved in health service program. It is dedicated to increase the health of the people in a community. The people who have passion to help others and concern more about the health of the community can apply the Walgreens career opportunity. This company is not new. It has 100-year experience in the health service program. By applying one of the positions in Walgreens, you have an opportunity to participate in health and education service. The programs include the responsibility to help the community when they get stuck with severe weather and natural disaster. To find out whether you are illegible or not to apply some positions in Walgreens, take a look of the short info below:

Minimum age of employment

Many jobs offered to the people come with the minimum age of employment at least 18 years old. Walgreens is different. The people with 16 years old are capable to apply some positions. You just need to fill the application letter. Wait for several days until you get a confirmation or approval from Walgreens.

Hours of operation

The hours of operation depends on the location. Most Walgreens pharmacies open 24hours.Itdoesnotmean that you should work the whole day. You just have come when it is your shift. Compared to the general stores, you can get short working hour in a pharmacy. It is better to ask the local pharmacy when you want to work in Walgreens.

Entry level position and income

The income in Walgreens depends on position, experience and location of the stores. If you are not confident with your skill in this healthy service program, I suggest you to choose the entry level position. As you are capable to handle more jobs, you can enhance the responsibility with higher level of job. The entry position includes the service clerk and cashier. If you have great skill, you can apply the beauty advisor or photo specialist position. It requires special training and educational background if you want to be a pharmacist in Walgreens. Walgreens ensures that their staffs are not stagnant. They want them to improve their skill to get the higher position in this company. You can learn more and improve your skill to get higher position and more cash on the pocket. The management career in Walgreens is promising. You can choose the Store Team Lead in an entry position. If you want to be a store manager, executive assistance manager or district manager, ensure that you have advanced training in retail management trainees. In a year, you can get $67,000 if you are hired as a manager. There are many benefits that people can get when they work at Walgreens. Some of them include the support for their families. You can enjoy stock purchase program, profit sharing, medical coverage and 15 percent off from the products.

If you are interested to be part of Walgreens group, you need to apply the job by filling the application form. Check the official website of Walgreens. You can do it online. You just have to answer all basic questions to determine whether you are illegible or not as a staff in Walgreens. Wait until Walgreens contact you.

Click here to apply online at Walgreens.

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