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Some of you must be familiar with a retail store named Walmart. You may have bought Smartphone from Walmart, or even an LCD television to complete your living room. Walmart is owned by Samuel Walton. He has the right to use Walmart brand, and he is the man behind excellent customer service provided by Walmart retail store. Walmart retail store was firstly opened in 1962, and was centered in Arkansas. The company has three basic principles, namely: 1) respect for humanity/individual, 2) Strive for Excellence, and 3) Great Service for Customers. Walmart began selling its shares in the New York stock exchange in 1972. Walmart has expanded its network, and now there are more than 4,000 retail stores available in 14 countries around the globe. Global customers, who live in several countries like Nicaragua, Mexico, Japan, India, El Salvador, Guatemala, United Kingdom, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Honduras, China, and Argentina, may easily enjoy the services provided by Walmart. Nowadays, we have seen Walmart as a brand that operates globally throughout few different banners, namely Pali, Despensa Familiar, and Todo Dia. What kinds of item sold by Walmart? Well, there is a variety of durable services and products including clothing, toys, home appliances, jewelry, baby and pet needs, books, electronics, photographic equipment, food, toiletries, stationery cosmetics, gardening, sporting goods, furniture, and many more.

With such reputation as a global brand, Walmart promises a nice career establishment. This can be seen from a wide range of opportunities provided for those who want to apply for any job at Walmart. What are those? Basically, the corporate jobs available at Walmart are divided into different categories including legal, store planning, real estate, human resources, asset protection, logistics, corporate affairs, marketing and communications, merchandising, financial, technology, and internal audit services. The following positions pictures several job opportunities provided by Walmart:

1) Entry level and hourly positions.
This position includes customer services, greeters, cashier, and customer service agents.

2) Store positions.
Those who get this position are drivers, warehouse workers, and stockers.

3) Corporate level.
Walmart employs advertising and marketing associates, logistic support positions, accountants, administrative assistants, and tech support.

4) eCommerce positions.
Walmart provides several jobs to handle different areas of expertise such as software engineering, information and technical support, online marketing, customer operations, and many more.

5) Managerial Positions.
As you can see, this is related mostly to management aspect of Walmart which offers a better and higher salary than those who work at entry-level positions. Walmart hires those who have managerial capabilities to handle the duties as managers and store managers.

The whole recruitment procedure is done online, so you have to visit Walmart website and find the “careers” page. In their website, the online application form is available and opened for every position. On the “careers” page, you can search for any job available and then choose any job category which is presented there. You can also use some combination of keywords to find any information about the job opportunities and the application form.

Click here to apply online at Walmart.

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