Warehouse Resume Sample

Part time or full time job in warehouse field are various such as loader, wrapper, maintenance technician, delivery driver, traffic clerk, floor manager or any warehouse field position in several well known warehouse including Costco, Wallmart etc.

ALERT: Don’t use INCORRECT style of resume unless you want to say goodbye to your search of job and the only thing you can do is only dreaming of it.

Below are available three styles of resume. Which one will you choose to make great chance to get hired in a warehouse?

A. Resume with Chronological style

B. Resume with Functional style

C. Resume with Active style

To bottom lines, refer the experience and competence you have to the job’s requirements as mentioned by the hirer.

ADVICE: don’t do common mistake done by almost all job seekers that choose wrong resume format.

Opportunities to fill position in warehouse field are plenty; yet, the employer will opt out the qualified applicants. Therefore, in resume writing, it is imperative to focus on skills of the specific field you master and convince the employer that you are qualified by having efficiency, trustworthy personality and able to manage expenses, discipline, work hard and cooperative with other employees or with customers.

G. Gomez
345 Main Str.
Bentonville, California 999xx
Home: (33x) 333-33xx
Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Have worked in warehouse field as a delivery driver and a loader with five years experience in this field. Enthusiast for any warehouse field job, in shifting schedule day or night, and ready to fill any position. Having ability to lift, organize, carry and stock items as well as operate a skip loader. Have strong physic with calm personality and cooperative.


Monty’s, Warehouse of Furniture from 2008 to 2013

  • Loaded packed furniture
  • Operated skip loader
  • Sent goods to customers
  • Organized goodss on shelves


High School of Any City, United States of America in 2006


Monty’s Furniture Warehouse: Staff of the Year awarded in 2011

Club of Rotary: Crew of the Month in January, 2013

Today, the job seekers crowd has increased results the tight rivalry among them. Deal with this situation, being stand out is definitely essential and resume is where to start. Well written and correct resume format will make the applicant is more noticeable and lead to possibility of getting the job even when there are many higher experienced applicants out there.

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