Wendy’s Job Application Form

Have you ever eaten Wendy’s burger? Well, some of you might reply “yes” for such question. The next question: if Wendy’s opened an opportunity for you to join with their team, would you take it? Wendy’s was opened by Dave Tomas in Colombus, OH, in 1969. In 1970, he opened second location and then sold Wendy’s in 1972. During same period, he started a training facility, the Wendy’s Management Institute. In 1976, Wendy’s opened its 500th restaurant and started to become publicly-traded company. Today, there are 6,500 Wendy’s restaurants available worldwide. They all are a subsidiary of the Arby’s/Wendy’s group. Today, Wendy’s offers fish and chicken sandwiches, as well as old fashioned hamburgers. Along with these traditional menus, the franchise also offers salads, baked potatoes, and many more of inexpensive food items. Combos also available to serve and customers allowed to pair drink, side, and a sandwich at a very competitive price. Wendy’s had opened franchises in several countries, including United Arab Emirates, Russia, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, and Canada. People recognize Wendy’s as a franchise that had been aggressively expanded their wing. It is now employs 50,000 of global workers, so it becomes global enterprises. Back to early question, we guess there wouldn’t be no one to reply “no” if Wendy’s open the opportunity to establish a stable career on there.

What are positions available at Wendy’s? Well, basically there are two positions: 1) entry level positions, and 2) management or professional positions. We will be showing further explanation for each position available at Wendy’s.

1) Entry-Level Positions
Wendy’s is gradually recruited people to fill entry-level positions. Within entry-level positions, there is crew member, coming with several duties including cook food, run drive-thru windows, operate registers, take orders, and greet customers. Along with crew member, there is also cashier who looks after cash registers; and cook who works on the kitchen. The latter comes with several duties including cleaning kitchen, operating kitchen equipment, preparing food orders, and many more.

2) Professional/management positions
These positions include crew lead jobs, shift supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Duties of manager include oversee store operations, schedule associates, and hire new employees.

3) Additional positions
Jobs include cashier jobs, fast food attendant, drive-thru crew member, evening crew member, sales associates, administrative assistants, and day-time crew member. There are also some additional positions for professional, including facilities technician and maintenance technician.

Wendy’s printable job application is available, so if you are among those people who are interested in working at Wendy’s, you must come visiting their website in order to apply for any positions offered. Go to Wendy’s website and click on “careers”. Once you get there, you will be taken to a page where you can search for available jobs. At the page, you have to refine your search by checking three options available: corporate and field support, restaurant options, and crew positions. After you click on one of the three, there will be search column; within search column you need to specify several fields, such as country, state/province, city, category, keyword, and radius. Follow the instructions provided carefully.

Click here to apply online at Wendy’s careers.

Print Out Wendy’s Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Wendy’s Job Application Form in PDF


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