What is your impression of this company/institute?

Be careful in answering this question. Experience taught me that the interviewer wants to see you as an honest person rather than opportunist. Therefore, give honest answers in accordance with your personal assessment based on the information you have collected (many times I say that the process of collecting company/institute information that you are applying for is a necessity).

Do not praise the company/agency that you are applying to attract the interviewer’s sympathy because it will make you look like a sycophant. Give an objective and argumentative answer. If you have a minus valuation for the company/institution, you have to state it by supporting a strong rational argument and keeping your ethics so you do not offend the interviewer (Remember: many employees have some sort of fanaticism on the company/institution where he worked. It is very sensitive and do not ever bring it up).

What is your impression of this company/institute? | James | 4.5