What’s The Ideal Job for Me?

Do self-assessment

Graduating from college is a beginning of your career. Most fresh graduates will be exciting to look for a job. But many of them still find it difficult to decide what kind of career that they want to pursue. What’s the ideal job for me? This becomes the most common question that fresh graduates are questioning. To answer this question, you should do a kind of self-assessment. You are the one who know yourself better than someone else does. Think about what kind of job you like. Do you like jobs dealing with mathematics, mechanics, or the one dealing with people? What are you good at? What working environment do you desire? These are a few sample questions that will help you do self-assessment.

Take a career personality quiz

You may need to consult about your career with your friends and family but the problem is that they are not professional enough to give you the best way out. If necessary, you can find a career advisor and discuss your confusion with him/her. A professional career advisor is knowledgeable about different kinds of careers and psychological matters. Of course you have to pay for this consultation. If the advisor has a good reputation, you may need to spend a lot of money for this. Alternatively, you can take an online career personality quiz from the internet. There are some websites that can be accessed freely to do such quiz. The quiz consists of many questions. Each question has several possible answers. You should answer them honestly. The questions are intended to gain information on salary, working environment, personality, skills, problem solving, and sort of. After you finish answering all of the questions, submit it and you will receive the result. Based on this information, the result will show you what job is ideal for you. Bear in mind that the result is not always valid. But, it can be one of the considerations to determine your career.

Think of career advancement and development

Only considering your preferred working environment, salary, interest, skills, and knowledge is not enough to determine the ideal job for you. Even if you find a job that is suitable with your education background which can give you a big salary, it does not mean that the job is the best for you. You should think whether the job can give you a room to develop your career or not. Imagine that you start working now and five years later you will still become the same person. Do you think you develop your career? A good career is the one that can help you develop professionally, personally, and financially as well. Keep in mind that life is dynamic so is your career. It has something to do with your career goal. What do you want to become? How can you give contribution to your own satisfaction, family, environment, and even your nation? It seems that this is a big and difficult question. But, setting such goal is important so you have something to achieve not just walk your career without a final purpose.

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