Why are you looking for a job?

With this question, the interviewer began to lead to something deeper from you; he wants to know what exactly your deepest motives of looking a job at his company. Below I provide three alternative answers that you can choose according to your condition:

  • “My job is now no longer relevant to my expectations and my career goals.”
  • “I want to change my career direction, and want to give my skills to a company that [specify the company’s characters that you want] because it would be more compatible with my personal passion and certainly will have good implications for my work performance.”
  • “ I have to re-evaluate my goals, and now intend to start a new chapter in my career.”

Those third alternative answers feel very “diplomatic” even look cliché. We did this as an effort to convince the interviewer of our motives – that we seriously and earnestly want to have a career in this company.

Therefore, your speaking style will largely determine the success of conveying the suggestions to the interviewer. “Cover” your cliché answers with a clear and definite tone. Also show the seriousness in your eyes; talk with your eyes. Do not hesitate to make eye contact with the interviewer, as this will greatly assist you in conveying a message that you want to deliver to the interviewer.

Why are you looking for a job? | James | 4.5