Why do you not go to work for a long time??

  • I need time to deepen my knowledge in … [mentioned fields, e.g. computer or foreign language] so that I can work maximally.
  • Every person should be able to evaluate them self, as well as myself; I need time to assess my ability. Now, I have a clear view. As a proof, I am in this office now!
  • I am studying the offers that have come to me. And I only consider a few offer, which can give a qualified job.
  • I only accept a job that suits my qualifications

Here, I give four examples of answers in answering the types of questions named “gastric feeding question”. Why should it be gastric feeding? Because this question, even though contains a negative value but from this point you can get an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the image that you want. Review the examples of the answers I gave above. You will find smash’s impression in every answer – and this momentum happens due to the “gastric feeding” of the interviewer. This short of question is not much different from the question, for example; “why are you still single?” The singles will answer because he/she is picky, because he/she does not find the suitable one yet, and a series of other answers that convey the message and the impression that ‘I am actually a qualified single.’

Although in this “gastric feeding” momentum you will get a smash of sharp chance, you have to keep a control of your emotions and ensure that your statements are logical and proportionate.

Why do you not go to work for a long time?? | James | 4.5