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At Winners entry-level and professional job seeker are possible to be hired. The little or inexperienced applicants can apply online as store assistant, good coordinators and customer service controller. The part-timer from entry level workers will have schedule involving nights, holidays and weekends. Work in team ability as well perform high skill customer service are the benefits for the considered applicants. Details requirements vary upon position.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Winners hire employees with minimum age under 14 with positive, motivated and outgoing personalities for these following jobs:

Shop Assistant – entry-levels will have shifting part time schedule about 15 to 30 hours a week involving nights, weekends and holidays. The necessary ability is familiar to POS systems, connect with customers clearly and organize work places. Main duties are such as operating cash register and explaining about services, products and policies. The minimum wage is paid to start and increase depend upon performance and time spend to lead to about $13.00/

Coordinator – two specific jobs are available for this position, customer service and merchandise coordinator involving planning and logistic skill. Customer service coordinators supervise the customers-worker interactions and make proper protocol with patron engagement. Merchandise coordinator monitors storage and display floor operation. Trained decision-making is necessary. The annual salary starts around $24,000 and can reach to $30,000.

Managerial Positions – divided into three categories: key holders, store managers and assistant manager. Key holders supervise the entry level workers; assistant managers do the clerical and administrative assignments. Store managers directly contact with company corporate offices as well distributors. Experienced retail industry applicant with high school diploma status will be highly considered. key holder will be paid hourly $12 – $15. Assistant manager get salary rates of $40,000 annually and store manager around $55,000.

Job Benefits at Winners
Several benefits by working at Winners are such as competitive base salary; get job benefits package, career development chance and uniforms. Skilled staffs gain other benefits including health insurance, financial planning aid and time off. Health insurance includes dental, vision, disability and medical coverage. The availability of retirement programs, pain time off, scholarships, incentives, awards and recognition vary by location.

More Info about Winners
Winners formed 1982 located in Toronto, Canada. Now, it is one of the most popular retailers in the country after opened over 200 dept. stores all over Canada. Winners provide house and kitchen wares, apparels, furniture, jewelry beauty and health products and other appliances. The 60% price offered is the enjoyment for the customers. Winners make more than $660 million for annual profit.

Minimum age to work at Winners: 14

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