Winning the Job Interview: Collections of Questions and Answers

Winning the Job Interview: Collections of Questions and Answers

Do Not Underestimate Job Interview


Good Preparation is the Key to Success

Do you know what the common mistakes (and unfortunately so crucial) of the job applicants in taking the recruitment process in a company or organization? They tend to focus on the written test (Psycho-test, academic ability test and other tests) while forgetting the next phase in a recruitment process which also determines “Job Interview”. Different attitude towards a written test (buy the predictions problems, practice questions, and other serious attempts) interview tests is done without trying to prepare earnestly. Many people assume there is not much that can be done in the job interview process. The applicants will only answer the questions of the interviewer without being able to do something that can help him to be accepted at the company or organization in which he is applying.

Of course, this is not a correct assumption. If we can train ourselves to face the written test then why we cannot do the same thing in dealing with the job interview?

Prepare Yourself for Winning the Job Interview

Then the next question, how to prepare for the job interview?
There are 3 ways to train the best and prepare for the job interview:

  1. Figuring out the question to be asked by the interviewer (as well as the Psycho-test, the job interviews also have a standard method known and applied by almost all companies or institutions. Therefore, the question in a job interview sessions will not be much different from one institution to another institution. Knowing the predicted question to be asked by the interviewer is the first huge advantage for the applicant.)
  2. Prepare to answer the questions. Remember: any questions asked by the job interviewers always have a motive or a certain purpose. Therefore, the answer given must be appropriate with the interviewer’s motive. Thus, the best answer, which is appropriate with the interviewer’s motive should be prepare beforehand – do not let the process happen reactively during the ongoing interview. Prepare the best answer is necessity if we want to win the job interview.
  3. Train yourself to deliver the answers. The interviewer is not an ordinary people; usually they are the HRD managers who are competent in psychology. However, it does not mean it cannot be “tricked”. There are several strategies suggested by the experts how to response any questions in a job interview. Learn the strategies to answer the questions and train yourself in order to implement those strategies eloquently.

Indeed, many factors influence the success of the HR recruitment process in a company or institution. The heaviest is an imbalance between the applicants (your competitors) with the quota of employees needed. However, you have to maximize your effort because it does not only relate to material success, but something much higher: your self-esteem as a human being.

By studying the important literature about HRD, especially about the job interview, also based on personal experience, then we managed to compile this page that will guide you in preparing yourself for a job interview in any company or institution.

Ok, here it is and FREE FOR EVERYONE:

Winning the Job Interview

Best Killer Questions and Answers

Small Suggestions

Never think the Job Interview as a Trivial Thing:

 Job Interview Preparation:

Tactics of Answering the Questions:

The Most Frequently Asked Questions List by the Job Interviewer and the Answers:

  1. Tell About Yourself
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. Why are you looking for a job?
  4. Why do you not go to work for a long time??
  5. Are you sure you are qualified for this job?
  6. How important is the academic degree according to your perception?
  7. What make interested in this job?
  8. What do you know about the position you are applying?
  9. Are you overqualified for this work?
  10. What did the reasons for quitting your previous job?
  11. Why were you fired from your previous job?
  12. Why do you look for this kind of job?
  13. How long will you work in our company?
  14. Which one do you prefer: numbers or words?
  15. Are you used to bring home your job/assignment?
  16. How many hours a week do you work?
  17. Telling what you are doing during working hours per week
  18. How do you manage the heavy workload?
  19. How many people have you supervised?
  20. What is your impression of this company/institute?
  21. Have you heard some criticism about the company/organization?
  22. What is the most favored and not favored from your last job?
  23. How can you improve your professional skills?
  24. When did you ever feel so motivated?
  25. What is your biggest passion in life?
  26. What is your biggest disappointment in life?
  27. What is the criticism that you usually receive from others?
  28. How do you overcome your stress?
  29. When was the last time you got angry?
  30. How do you manage the balance of your personal life and work?
  31. How fast do you work?
  32. What can you give to us?
  33. Why should we hire you?
  34. According to your preference, how much salary is appropriate for this job?
  35. Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job?
  36. Do you want to have a contract with a limited or unlimited period?
  37. Are you willing to work overtime? Work on weekends? Out of town?
  38. This job requires working for a long time. Is this a problem for the wife/husband/your child?
  39. If you were going to go to Mars, what three things would you bring?
  40. What would you do if you could go back to 10 years ago?
  41. Are you easily awakened by noise?
  42. If you are born again in this world, do you want to be born as a leader or employee?
  43. You are stuck in an important meeting, which held by the boss, and you have an appointment to meet with clients at the same time. What would you do?
  44. Can you tell a story?
  45. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  46. What is your biggest failure?
  47. Do you want to ask something?

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