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XS Cargo hires both full-timer and part-timer to maintain store operations all over Canada locations. No experience and wok history needed for entry level applicants. Some positions are available including stock assistant, cashier and managerial staffs. The main skill should be predominated is customer service handling. Other requirements vary by the position.

XS Cargo Job Title and Salary Info

The minimum age of applicants is at least 16 for entry-level jobs and at least 18 for managerial position. The managerial employment requires retail industry experience and customer service skills. These following opportunities can be applied to join XS Cargo:

Cashier – cashier is a usual entry-level job with duties to server customers, cash register operation with general computer skill and familiar with POS systems. The individual personalities should be possessed including warm, friendly, excellent customer handling to high considered hiring. Hourly earnings for this position start out $9.00 to $11.00.

Stock Assistant – this position manage merchandise level all over the stores properly. The responsibilities contain greeting and helping shoppers, keeping stores tidy and systemized, loading and unloading delivery, providing aid to other workers. Highly preferred for candidates with good personalities and physical health, has take and follow order responsive skill. The salary rates around $10 – $12 per hour.

Management – the skillful leaders is necessary to this position. Assistant manager is responsible to everyday store operations, task delegation to the entry-level staffs and guarantee customer satisfaction. The entrants should have supervisory and customer service skills, leadership and outgoing character. Store manager should posses work experience, willing to move and organizational techniques. This position outlooks the retail operation, reaches and manages sales goals, task delegation for workers and maintain payroll. Annual salary options earn $30,000 – $40,000 and can be more over $50,00 for chained store manager. 

Career Benefits by Working at XS Cargo

Generally, the employees receive several benefits from XS Cargo such as compensation, career growth chance and paid training. Eligible staffs get healthcare programs, on-store discount merchandise and financial planning aid. Qualified staffs gain health insurance coverage as well retirement plans of 401(k), incentives and paid time off. Those vary depend upon the job title and store location.
More Information about XS Cargo

The initial opening of XS Cargo was in 1996 took place in Edmonton, AB, Canada which today becomes its headquarters. It is one of discount retail industry through Canada with chain more than 45 locations. The current store operations are in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and four more western provinces. Today, XS Cargo has around 500 to 1000 people with annual revenues reach $250 million.

Minimum age to work at XS Cargo: 16

Official Site: www.shopxscargo.com/

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