Yoga Teacher Resume Sample

The resume for he yoga teacher has to include the information about the knowledge of the candidate in performing yoga exercises. Since the thing called certification is very important, you will have to include this one in your resume. Aside from that, the prior experience of working with both groups and individuals is also important.

As the yoga teacher, it is important to you to highlight the accomplishments and competencies. By looking at this information, the hiring manager will decide how ell-suited you are for the yoga teacher position. For your reference on creating the resume for the yoga teacher, here is the sample for you.

The first thing that you have to do is to mention the addresser, along with the address, the phone number, and the email address. Then, explain your career highlights. For the yoga teacher, some of the examples are certain years of experience in developing exercise plans for groups, and individuals; devised a customized yoga plan for a student, as a result, improved her posture which was deteriorated by arthritis; implemented the concept of meditation in yoga, thereby, increased customer base/interest by 50%; introduced a performance monitoring system, hence, decreased the number of complaints by students; and significantly improved students’ concentration, through the implementation of breathing exercises.

The next thing that should be included is the certification. As stated on the previous paragraph, the certification is very important. Here is the example of the certification: Certified Yoga Instructor
Yoga Life Institute, West Hartford, CT – 2016.

After that, you can include the professional experience, if there is any. First of all, you have to mention your position along with the name and the address of the company, and the year you were working there. Aside from all the things above, mentioning your role in the previous place also necessary. For the yoga teacher, some of the examples are conferring with clients in order to decipher their requirements; creating customized yoga plans for each client; checking clients’ fitness levels; designing and impart instructions; creating schedules for group classes; demonstrating yoga poses in order to help clients understand what to follow; evaluating exercise performed by clients, and correct their techniques; informing clients of different breathing patterns; offering adjustments and training recommendations; advising on lifestyle changes, such as diets and exercise routines; modifying each client’s yoga programs according to his or her changing requirements; performing, as well as lead stretching exercise programs. Those are just the examples so it may be different with what you have done. If you have more than one professional experience, you can include them all in this category.

The next one is education. In this category, you can write the school you were graduating from, the year you were graduating, and the subject you took. In addition, you can also mention the training that you have attended.

The last one is the professional competencies. Some of the examples are formations, monitoring, customization, classroom culture building, student engagement, one on one teaching, meditation, student analysis, and many more.

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